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Project Description

Logo design, opposed to what many would think, doesn’t take an afternoon. It’s not just putting two letters together in clever way and saying:” Done and done!”. After the initial brief from the client, research, inspiration and a clear understanding of what the client is trying to express with their brand is what makes a great logo. In the end, the client is paying and living with their looks. The least I can do is give them some great smart and inspired choices.

Here you will find

  • Dodge 2018 Demon Concept logo (full project HERE)
  • Big Bonus Days Canadian Tire promotional Loyalty Program logo
  • Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance Concept logo
  • Galvin & Associates Real Estate Brokerage logo
  • Timmins Rock Jr. A Hockey Club logo (full project HERE)
  • Mundus World Inc. Entertainment logo

Project Details